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One-Pass Trenching Services

One-pass trenching allows for the installation of deep trenches and walls to be installed in a single pass with no open excavation. One-pass trenching is a unique and specialized installation that may be the only means or method rather than deep excavations, in poor soil conditions, elevated water tables and varying other conditions.  One-pass trenching can be utilized for multiple project needs.

Collection Trenches 

  • Ability to Set Sumps & Lay Horizontal Piping (Single/Dual)

  • No Open Excavations 

  • GPS & Laser Guided Installations 

  • Ability to Install in High Water Tables 

  • Surgically Cut Trenches, Reduces  Waste 

  • No Sluffing or Cave-Ins 

  • Minimal Disturbance to the Site 

Soil  Cement /

Bentonite Walls​

  • Depth Capabilities of up to 80’ BGS 

  • Mixed In-Place Walls 

  • Dry & Wet Injections 

  •  Sample the Wall at Different Depths 

  • Smaller Footprint Required to Operate 

  • Minimal Disruption to the Site 

Permeable Reactive

Barrier Wall

  • Depth Capabilities of up to 35’ BGS 

  • Low Operating Costs 

  • Passive Treatment 

  • Smaller Footprint Required to Operate 

  • Minimal Disruption to the Site 

  • Prevent offsite migration of contaminants 

Direct Bury Corrugated & Smooth Wall HDPE Pipe​

  • Corrugated Pipe Installations of 10” Dia. 

  • Smooth Wall DR-11, 17 & 21 Installs 

  • Smooth Wall Piping Installations to 8” Dia. 

  • Larger Dia. to 14” on Shallow Trenches 

  • GPS & Laser Guided System 

  • Fusing Certified Technicians 

Environmental remediation, site reclamation, and the restoration of disturbed lands are our passion at Iron Horse. We work with our clients to ensure that our site reclamation plans are environmentally friendly and budget-conscious. The skilled, knowledgeable teams at Iron Horse have vast experience in reclaiming all types of disturbed sites, including oil well reclamation. 

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

HDPE Barrier Wall

Installation of PVC & HDPE Pipe

Conduit- Fiber- Gas- Electrical

Water Line

Corrugated Pipe with Filter Sock

Direct Bury Drains

Sub-surface Drains

Bio Walls

Funnel & Gate Walls

Collection Trenches

Dewatering Trenches

Seepage Control

Permeable Reactive Barrier Walls

Soil Vapor Extraction Walls

Air Sparge Trench

Soil Bentonite Wall

Soil Cement Bentonite Wall

Cutoff Wall for Groundwater Control


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