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Our People are dedicated and committed to excellence and together comprise one of the most dynamic companies in the industry. Our team culture drives and motivates us to work hard to deliver the highest value to our customers, our people, and to make a difference within our communities.

Christopher Bews

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

 "Our people are our most important asset. As such, we  strive to create a positive company culture, living our core values so that each individual can build a satisfying career. "

Our Commitment to Safety

Among our Core Values, Safety is the utmost priority and is considered in everything we do. Our excellent safety statistics are a testament to living our values. At Iron Horse we believe that accidents/incidents are preventable and continuously strive towards a “Zero Incident” culture. 



At Iron Horse, employees are our greatest asset and giving them a safe and healthy workplace is essential. Iron Horse is very proud to have achieved no lost time claims with over 1 million man hours worked. Our Health, Safety, and Environment programs ensure that employees at all levels are involved in daily safety decisions and employees perform all work following specified safe work practices.


To have Integrity is to respect the environment, the health of our employees, our customers and our communities. Consideration for the environment and the health of those our work impacts is a condition of employment at Iron Horse and a cornerstone of our relationship with our customers, suppliers, and subcontractors.


Iron Horse works to limit waste as many products have the ability to be recycled at various stages of a project thus we focus on incorporating recycling techniques whenever possible to achieve a healthier environment.


  • Do no harm to people or property​

  • Do no damage to the environment

  • ​Add value to all projects and services

​Are you looking to get started with your one-pass trenching project? Get in contact with us today.

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