Our community, our commitment to sustainable practices.

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The natural lands of North America are filled with beauty, and the team at Iron Horse aims to keep them that way.

From our company's inception, we have demonstrated a sustained and meaningful commitment to the health of our environment. In our years of experience we understand the environmental impact that comes with industrial construction, drilling and other large-scale projects thus we work with our clients to develop environmental remediation plans that ensure the ecosystems around their sites remain healthy and thriving for years to come.

Over the years, Iron Horse has made considerable investments in sustainability, yet realized that more needed to be done and thus has made a commitment to focus more intentional efforts on both carbon reduction and ecosystems support. Thus, we will continue to strive to transform the way we approach our waste, committing to becoming zero-waste within the next 10 years.

Reducing Waste

“Taking a principled approach as we pursue our carbon goals and take responsibility for our carbon footprint.”

Every project makes a difference and thus our team will continually work to ensure that we provide safe, effective and environmentally focused services. This means at the center is an ongoing commitment to reduce any waste where possible to achieve these priorities. We will continue to do this through:

  • An ongoing commitment to both use and deliver the highest quality environmental materials and services to our customers.

  • The establishment of a Waste Management Program to ensure both effective waste management and conservation of resources. Allowing for the reduction of disposal/ hauling costs as well as an increase in the recycling of materials.

  • By taking a principled approach grounded in science and math to streamline reporting and better enable information sharing with our stakeholders.

Carbon Credit Efforts

To further our efforts Iron Horse has started to work on investing in reforestation to help offset our company's emissions. Our ambitious goal of moving to Zero-Waste efforts within 10 years is only going to be achieved by both reducing our waste and neutralizing carbon through additional means. In this we are proud to share that we will continue to invest in this area in our effort to do our part to for the environment.

Ongoing Commitment Through Our Environmental Remediation Services

“Safe, Cost Effective, and Sustainable

In over 20 years of experience we have found that environmental remediation starts with the soil. When contaminants seep into the soil around a site, they present risks to local wildlife, plant life and water supplies. The team at Iron Horse has the equipment, knowledge and experience to handle large-scale incidents and events. We provide safe, effective, and environmentally friendly on-site treatment for removing contaminants from soil. Bio remediation, in which microorganisms break down contaminants into harmless substances, is just one of the options at your disposal. Other soil remediation services include AlluAeration, soil screening and backfilling.

Our team follow strict safety protocol to protect everyone involved in the project. Sustainability is one of the core principles of environmental remediation, and Iron Horse also takes a sustainable approach to team-building. We believe that safe, committed, motivated employees are the key to delivering quality work, time after time. Our team has experience cleaning up even the most difficult sites and contaminants, including flare pit remediation, with a focus on creative, cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges. We also understand that on-site remediation isn’t a fit for every type of site and contaminant, therefore Iron Horse also offers excavation, segregation and off-site disposal options as well.

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