Our Premier One-Pass Trenching Technology.

One-pass trenching allows for the installation of deep trenches and walls to be installed in a single pass with no open excavation. One-pass trenching technology allows for a unique and specialized installation that may be the only means or method in order to install deep excavations, in poor soil conditions, elevated water tables and varying other conditions.


A smaller footprint is required to operate thus excavations can be performed in tight spaces with minimal disruption to the site. Without open excavation there is no sluffing or cave ins. Trenches are surgically cut with GPS and laser guided installation. Waste is limited to the depth of the trench and backfill materials are efficiently placed limiting the amount of additional backfill required. Sumps can be set and horizontal piping can be installed via one pass trenching methods.


Iron Horse can work with you on all of your one pass trenching questions and can support you with your project or site specific needs. Iron Horse operates with a philosophy that focuses on client satisfaction, cost effectiveness and safety.