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One-Pass Services




One-pass trenching allows for the installation of deep trenches and walls to be installed in a single pass with no open excavation. One-pass trenching is a unique and specialized installation that may be the only means or method rather than deep excavations, in poor soil conditions, elevated water tables and varying other conditions.

Collection trenches 

  • Ability to Set Sumps & Lay Horizontal Piping (Single/Dual)

  • No Open Excavations 

  • GPS & Laser Guided Installations 

  • Ability to Install in High Water Tables 

  • Surgically Cut Trenches, Reduces  Waste 

  • No Sluffing or Cave-Ins 

  • Minimal Disturbance to the Site 

Soil  Cement/ Bentonite Walls​

  • Depth Capabilities of up to 80’ BGS 

  • Mixed In-Place Walls 

  • Dry & Wet Injections 

  •  Sample the Wall at Different Depths 

  • Smaller Footprint Required to Operate 

  • Minimal Disruption to the Site 

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Permeable Reactive Barrier Wall

  • Depth Capabilities of up to 35’ BGS 

  • Low Operating Costs 

  • Passive Treatment 

  • Smaller Footprint Required to Operate 

  • Minimal Disruption to the Site 

  • Prevent offsite migration of contaminants 


Direct Bury Corrugated & Smooth Wall HDPE Pipe​

  • Corrugated Pipe Installations of 10” Dia. 

  • Smooth Wall DR-11, 17 & 21 Installs 

  • Smooth Wall Piping Installations to 8” Dia. 

  • Larger Dia. to 14” on Shallow Trenches 

  • GPS & Laser Guided System 

  • Fusing Certified Technicians