Environmental Remediation




The natural lands of North America are filled with beauty, and the team at Iron Horse aim to keep them that way. From our company’s inception, we’ve demonstrated a sustained, meaningful commitment to the health of the environment. We understand the environmental impact that comes with drilling, industrial construction, and other large-scale projects, and work with our clients to develop environmental remediation plans that ensure the ecosystems around their sites remain healthy and thriving for years to come. 

On most sites, environmental remediation starts with the soil. When contaminants seep into the soil around a site, they present risks to local wildlife, plant life and water supplies. The team at Iron Horse has the equipment, knowledge and experience to handle large-scale incidents and events. We provide safe, effective, and environmentally friendly on-site treatment for removing contaminants from soil. Bio remediation, in which microorganisms break down contaminants into harmless substances, is just one of the options at your disposal. Other soil remediation services include AlluAeration, soil screening and backfilling. 

Our team follow strict safety protocol to protect everyone involved in the project. Sustainability is one of the core principles of environmental remediation, and Iron Horse also takes a sustainable approach to team-building. We believe that safe, committed, motivated employees are the key to delivering quality work, time after time. Our team has experience cleaning up even the most difficult sites and contaminants with a focus on creative, cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges. We also understand that on-site remediation isn’t a fit for every type of site and contaminant, therefore Iron Horse also offers excavation, segregation and off-site disposal options as well. 

water management


Managing storm runoff, contaminated water, chemicals, and other potentially dangerous liquids is another important element of environmental remediation. Iron Horse offers various containment strategies for harmful liquids, all built to the highest industry standards. We also have you covered with site-specific plans for erosion control, and storm water management. Here are just a few of our containment and water management options: 

  • Erosion Control 

  • Storm Water Management 

  • Slurry Walls 

  • Installation of Clay and Synthetic Liners 


At Iron Horse, managing sediment and erosion is a vital element of protecting the environment around your site, and local regulations regarding runoff are becoming increasingly strict. Riprap is a popular choice to protect slopes and areas with heavy runoff from erosion. Iron Horse also has the tools you need to keep aquatic life safe, and divert water as needed.

  • River Diversion

  • Fish Management

  • Sediment Control

  • Riprap Installation

  • Dewatering

site remediation

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Site reclamation and environmental remediation go hand-in-hand, which is why you often see the two terms used interchangeably. In regulatory terms, site reclamation is the process of restoring “disturbed lands” to their original use, or to an alternate, environmentally productive use. Either way, the end goal is a healthy environment. 

The term “disturbed lands” refers to sites where new land use – typically drilling, mining, and large-scale construction – impacts the environment around the site. Regulatory definitions of what constitutes disturbed lands vary by area and government, but the variance isn’t extreme. Every oilfield site, for example, leads to disturbed lands, even if a new well ultimately turns out to be dry. 

Environmental remediation, site reclamation, and the restoration of disturbed lands are our passion at Iron Horse. We work with our clients to ensure that our site reclamation plans are environmentally friendly and budget-conscious. The skilled, knowledgeable teams at Iron Horse have vast experience in reclaiming all types of disturbed sites, including oil well reclamation. 

On most work-sites, reclamation is an ongoing process, even while the site is still in use. That’s especially true on oilfield sites, where regulations often limit the amount of land that can be disturbed during any one part of the drilling process. Iron Horse offers on-site reclamation options for sites where ongoing reclamation is required. 

In addition to general site reclamation, Iron Horse offers specialty services like building demolition, reclamation for sites damaged by fire, and gas plant decommissioning. We offer site regrading and have a full range of equipment to handle many sizeable jobs. Once your site has been sufficiently reclaimed, Iron Horse handles vegetation management, to ensure that local plant-life thrives well into the future. Robust vegetation is beneficial to local wildlife, and one of the keys to maintaining healthy ecosystems. 

Iron Horse has the experience, equipment and skilled employees you need to get the job done right. We take our commitment to the environment seriously, and strive to maintain the natural beauty found all across North America. 

Iron Horse Site Reclamation Services Include: 

  • Site Reclamation 

  • Fire Reclamation 

  • Vegetation Management 

  • Site Grading and Regrading 

  • Gas Plant Decommissioning 

integrity digs


Iron Horse’s offers integrity digs throughout North America to ensure that your underground pipelines are safe, well-maintained and built to last. We start by excavating and cleaning sample sections of pipe, which our experts then carefully examine for signs of damage. Minor damage can typically be addressed with repairs or recoating. If severe damage is present, replacement may be necessary. Once the integrity dig is complete, we cover the exposed section and restore the environment around it, utilizing our depth of experience in environmental reclamation, and we complete the project with consistent pipeline monitoring and inspection services. 

Our Experience 

  • Lease and Road Construction 

  • Right-of-way Clearing 

  • Remediation 

  • Hydro Vac 

  • Repair 

  • Sleeving 

  • Reclamation 

  • Pipeline Monitoring and Inspection Services 

demolition & decommissioning


The team at Iron Horse has extensive experience in building demolition, decommissioning and debris removal. We are skilled construction debris removal specialists experienced in the complete removal of refuse and contaminants from industrial and oilfield construction sites throughout North America. 

Our Experience 

  • Use of Hydraulic Pulverizes, Breakers, Shears 

  • Use of Remote Operated Equipment 

  • Sub-Surface and Above-Surface Concrete Structures 

  • Various Building Structures, including Abandoned Buildings 

  • Metal/Wood Structures 

  • Asphalt 

  • Underground, Surface and Overhead Pipes 

  • Impacted Soils 

  • Purging Lines 

  • Remediation and Restoration