The Iron Horse Single-Pass Trenchers are utilized in a number of different markets including: Civil, Environmental, Water Resources, Transportation, Dam & Levees and Mining. The technology allows for the installation of sub surface drains, trenches & walls in a “Single Pass” with no open excavations. The trenchers are set up with a laser guided system that allows for on grade installations of the various trenches & walls to a depth of +/- 19 M (65′) BGS (Below Ground Surface). The trenchers also feature a GPS system that allows for precise installations and accurate mapping of the wall and trench line. The Single Pass Trenchers install:


  • Bio Walls
  • Funnel & Gate Walls
  • Collection Trenches
  • PRB Walls
  • SVE & Air Sparging Trenches
  • Soil Bentonite & Soil Cement Bentonite Walls
  • HDPE Barrier Walls

Civil & Utilities

  • PVC & HDPE Pipe
  • Conduit (Fiber, Gas & Electric)
  • Water Line
  • Corrugated Pipe w/ Filter Cloth


  • Corrugated & HDPE Pipe for Seepage Control
  • Direct Bury Drains
  • Collection Trenches
  • Cut Off Walls for Groundwater Control

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